Article 10: Make the move

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Your parents prepared you for kindergarten through high school and your high school teachers prepared you for this moment. The moment when you are about to graduate from high school and really think about long term goals. Now it’s time to take the reigns into your hands and make the decision of a lifetime about your career. Take into consideration your degree path is your gateway to adulthood. Are you ready to grab a hold of those reigns and steer yourself into the right direction?

I have given you all the necessary information you need to go into an education major. I have listed skills, personal attributes, what should drive you to become an educator. I have even shared with you ways of paying for that degree, the jobs you can have along with salaries and benefits, More excitedly, I told you how you will be on vacation during the summer. You never lose your summer’s as an educator. You can still plan your fun trips and go to the water parks with your friends. After all you are still young and should be enjoying life, even with a career. So what’s holding you back?

Let me share a testimony from a teacher. As a teacher Ms. Norris says she try to have fun on a daily basis. She makes it her duty to talk to her students on a daily basis even if it’s just to ask them how their day is going or how they feel. She sometimes even listens to their little odd jokes and laugh with them. It may not be funny to her but it makes her students feel appreciated. By listening to her students Ms. Norris makes them feel important. This makes her students as well as their day.

Teaching is a fulfilling career. Your students will always do something that catches you off guard and you just have to laugh it off. Your students will be just like you one day, graduating from high school and preparing to take the big step into adulthood. Be that person who your students will think of when they say I want to be just like you when I grow up.

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